Pace Pottery has had a long career starting in 1988 in Oxford, MS due to the enthusiastic, dedicated and artistically talented group of professors who I learned fountains of information from while attending The University of Mississippi.


My work has deep throwing rings that spiral as if the pots are still rotating on the wheel.  The surfaces are smooth and glazed with matt finish glazes including brushwork which adds visual movement. I apply the glazes in layers to blend into one another during firing.

The stoneware is fired to a range of 2193 to 2300 degrees to insure nonporousness.

I create useful functional items for everyday use. I enjoy making everyday functional ware with the hope and comfort of use. I strive to create pieces with the look of ease in construction.

Mugs are my favorite item to make as they represent comfort and warmth and always the memories of visit with friends over coffee.

About Jennifer Pace

I live and work in Oxford, MS. My studio is a single 10×20 building just large enough for myself and Labrador retrievers Pearl and Gissie who understand perfectly what “Let’s go be Pottery dogs” means.

I come from a family of artists who range from a grandmother who decided to be a painter in her 80′s to an Aunt who is well versed in all of the arts and finally to distant cousins who live and work in Italy as potters in the international market.

My goal is to have my pottery reach every corner of the World. My pots will hopefully travel to all the places my gypsy heart can imagine.